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Next pageUdachi, Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania

Udachi Bay and Udachi Point, with Cape Mpimbwe in the background, and DR Congo in the far distance.

Udachi Point in 1988 (in the centre of the photo), photographed during African Diving land survey trip searching
for a suitable location for setting up a fish collecting station.

Udachi Point, a large rocky habitat, mostly submerged. Here, Neolamprologus sp. "Eseki" was discovered in 1990.
Another well-known fish discovered the same year in this rocky area (by Yusuph Maridadi, African Diving co-worker) is
Tropheus 'Golden Kushangaza', a colour form of T. sp. "Mpimbwe" with a pigmentary anomaly characterised by an irregular
colouration of yellow and black (African Diving Ltd, 1990).

Udach Point, natural habitat of Tropheus “Golden Kushangaza".

Udachi Point (southern side), 2007, where Neolamprologus sp. “Eseki” was discovered in 1990.

Udachi, adjacent to African Diving Fish Station.

Udachi with the village of Kabwe in the background to the right.

Magnus Karlsson (African Diving) and Yusuph Maridadi (African Diving co-worker) in Udachi Village in 2007.

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